10 Great Eco Products for the Home

If you’re looking to get some eco products for your home, you’ve certainly got plenty to choose from. Here are some great examples we’ve found to get you started.

For the Home


H20 clock

Just add water? Yes, that’s all you need to do – pour water into the can and enjoy time keeping without batteries. It makes a novelty gift for someone you know too, and you can get it in different colours. View Product

Magnetic insulation foil for radiators

Get the most heat from your radiators by adding this foil behind them. It’s easy to install and reflects more heat back into your room, meaning you get a warmer home with no less heat required. View Product

Reusable wash balls

Stop paying for expensive washing powder and use these instead. They’re good for as many as 100 washes and they’re easy to use as well. View Product

Solar keyhole light

solar key light Get this little solar light to ensure you can always see the keyhole in your front door at night. It’s a handy little gadget that doesn’t need batteries. View Product


Eco stapler Ideal for home and office, this stapler does without the wasteful metal staples completely. It’s a cheap addition to any office space and you’ll never run out of staples again! View Product


For the Garden


Biodegradable leaf sacks

(This is a great way to collect up your leaves without using plastic bags. Pop your leaves in the sack and both will break down over the year to give you compost to use next year. View Product

Paper Potter

Paper Potter
Don’t waste money on plastic pots for the garden – make your own from recycled newspaper instead. And the bonus is you won’t have to wiggle the seedlings out of the pots to plant them either – you can just pop them straight in the ground!
View Product

Solar powered set of garden lights

Solar Garden Lights This is a great value set of solar powered lights for your garden. Light up a path or provide light to enhance the look of your plants at night. Either way they’re easy to maintain – just wipe them over occasionally to keep them clean. View Product

Drip plant feeder

Drip Plant Feeder Recycle your old plastic bottles by using these measured flow plant feeders. Avoid watering the weeds and give all the water to your plants instead. They’re simple and effective, and the best way to maintain your plants. View Product

Space saver water butt

Water Butt Grab as much rainwater as you can and use it on your garden during dry spells. It saves on using water from the tap and it has more nutrients in it as well – just what your garden needs. View Product

This range of goodies merely touches the surface of the huge range that is available. Whatever you’re looking for, you can make your home and garden much more eco friendly than it is already. Invest in your favourites to begin with and then think about adding to your range of items whenever you can. You’ll be glad you got the eco bug!

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