Energy Performance Certificates

EPC Example Rating

Information on Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates (also known as EPC) work by rating your home’s energy efficiency. These ratings are conducted by DEAs (domestic energy assessors) who are independent and approved to perform such checks. The DEA will recommend ways of you saving energy in your home, thus saving you money and simultaneously cutting down on your Co2 emissions.

Why an EPC is needed before installing Solar Panels

Your house should reach an EPC rating of D, in order for you to qualify for the best Feed in Tariff (FiT) rate. If it does not reach this rating, you will get a reduced FiT (of 7.1p per Kwh).

We are confident that we can help up to 95% of households achieve a D rating in their energy outputs, if their installation takes place in good time, before the next FiT cut takes place.

Our Service

The suppliers we use have wide access to qualified EPC surveyors and these will assess your house or other building independently. We have the means to ensure a higher rating in the majority of cases, usually a D or above. Once the EPC surveyor has assessed your rating and, if possible, used measures to improve it, you will benefit from the higher FiT rating of 16p.

All you have to do is decide which supplier you would like to use, then an EPC surveyor will be contacted and will begin the process of rating your house for you. There will be no cost involved, and our negotiation deal includes supplying you with free cavity wall and loft insulation and energy bulbs.

Benefits of an EPC Survey

1) You will save money on energy bills
2) You will receive free cavity wall and loft insulation as part of your EPC survey.
3) Your home’s value will increase. Typically by decreasing your energy costs by around £300 annually, your home should increase by £6,000.00.
4) You will be helping the environment
5) You will benefit from the Green Deal incentive. This is a loan being launched in October 2012 to make you further energy savings.