Free Solar Panels – Are They Worth It?

Home solar panels

Take a journey outside your front door and I guarantee you won’t have to walk too far before you spot a roof adorned with solar panels. Many people are considering the idea of having solar panels installed, so they can take advantage of generating their own power and earning some cash for it too.

But as with all schemes of this nature, there are pros and cons to think about. Here we have laid out the facts and provided unbiased advice for you to consider before getting your own panels fitted.

Why are they free?

Free solar panels are installed by companies who want to take advantage of the feed-in tariff. The idea is they install them free of charge and earn the tariff instead of it being paid to you. This allows them to recoup the cost of installing them, and means you get free energy generated by the panels.

However you need to consider whether this is the best deal. It means the solar installers get the benefit of the tariff and not you. Therefore before jumping in and assuming you have got the best deal, make sure you consider whether a solar panels loan would be a better option. This means you would receive the feed-in tariff for the energy you generate, as well as the additional tariff for any surplus energy you are able to send back to the grid.

So even though you will have to foot the bill for the installation, you will be able to reap back the costs in a reasonable period of time.

Which installers offer free solar panels?

ISIS Solar currently offers free solar panels UK, along with A Shade Greener. Another possible option is Homesun. All these companies are aiming to provide free panels to suitable homes across the UK in the next few years.

Always read the terms and conditions provided by each company before choosing whether this will be the best way for you to get solar PV panels.

In summary

As you can see, while the word ‘free’ is designed to get you to sit up and take notice, it is worth thinking about the different options before you decide what to do. If you get a free deal you will have to agree to the company owning the panels for the duration of the agreement. This could lead to problems if you want to sell your home before then.

It is also worth considering the amount of money you would lose out on if you had free panels and couldn’t take advantage of the tariff. You’d still get some free energy of course, but it may not prove to be the best deal.

So the best bet is to consider all your options and to find out whether you should opt for free panels or to foot the bill on your own. This is the only way to ensure you get the best deal from generating your own energy.

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