Up to Date Information on the Feed in Tariff Scheme (2012)

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Despite the government no longer providing solar panel installation grants now, they do still actively support feed in tariffs (also known as FiT). Tariffs are paid to people who have had solar panels installed on their properties and are a reward for using renewable energy sources.

From November 1st 2012, the FiT amount payable to households is now around 15p per unit.

Up to 4kW (retrofit) = 15.44p
Up to 4kW (new build) = 15.44p
4 – 10kW = 13.99p

Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

Investing in solar panels for your home should help you to make very significant savings on your energy bills.

You can benefit from payments from the Feed in Tariff (FiT) scheme and if you do this sooner rather than later, you will avoid the drop in price of this government incentive.

If you create too much energy from your solar panels and do not use it all, you can receive payments for this excess. To this end, your home energy could start to generate you another income.

The value reduction of the Feed in Tariff will still mean that you benefit from payments for your renewable energy. It will simply take a bit more time for the energy to pay itself off. The changes to the Feed in Tariff scheme are, at this stage, uncertain, however you should consider installing your solar panels as soon as possible.

Some companies will offer installation at no charge, due to the fact that they can take the FiT in years to come, rather than it going to you, the homeowner. If the FiT price decreases, free solar panel installation offers will no longer be viable and customers may not want to invest in solar panels being installed. This is because they will inevitably become a more expensive and harder commodity to obtain.

So now is an exciting time for you to consider installing solar panels at your home and benefiting from the current Feed in Tariff scheme. You can save as well as make money from your renewable energy source. So don’t delay in your decision. Make sure you benefit from the FiT incentive before the price decreases at the end of the year.

If you do so, you can pay less money for your energy with solar panels and generate income from it at the same time.

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