How Much Are Solar Panels?


Most of us are more energy conscious today. We have become aware of the need to save energy wherever we can in order to help preserve the environment. But saving energy is one thing – what about generating our own? This might sound unlikely but in fact it is perfectly possible if you think about installing solar panels on the roof of your property. The first question that will come to mind in this situation is obvious: “How much are solar panels?”

How are solar panels priced?

When you are looking around at the various companies that install these panels so you can make use of free energy provided by the sun, you will notice that they typically price their panels per kW of energy produced.

Most homes will require an installation that can produce two or three kW of energy. Once the company knows what size installation your property can have, they will provide a price for the installation. This will include the right number of solar panels for your roof, and the cost of the installation itself.

When you look at the prices for solar panels you can expect them to cost anything between £2,500 and £3,500 per kW. This will usually include several panels since they come in a certain size. Several panels will be included per kW of energy created.

So for example you might see a roof with twenty panels on it, whereas another one might have many more or less than this. But this is not the only factor to consider.

How much are solar panels of different sizes?

A single installation will have solar panels of the same size. But there are many different companies that produce solar panels, and there is some variation in size between the panels they produce.

For example Suntech produce more than one size of panel, and these sizes vary from the panels produced by the likes of Sanyo, Sharp and Trina. The size of the panel can also affect the number of watts it is able to produce. All of this information will have a bearing on the number of panels you need and the price of the installation.

Is it possible to get a rough idea of how much an installation would cost?

Yes you can do this. There are websites online that can give you an estimate on your solar panel installation costs if you know the size of your house roof. Once you know this – even roughly – you can get an idea of how many panels will be needed and how much the installation will be.

The good news is that the cost of solar panels is coming down all the time. This is due to better technology and advances in the industry. There is a difference between the cost of the earliest installations and those taking place today.

So when you ask “how much are solar panels” you can see the answer is not as difficult to get hold of as you might think.

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