Watt And Sun

Watt and Sun operate in South Wales and the South West and offer installation of domestic renewable energy systems.

They are a team of experienced installers, and have a reputation for excellence in their field. They cover the area of South Wales, including Cardiff, Newport and Swansea, and also Bristol, Bath, Exeter, Poole and Plymouth.

Watt and Sun pride themselves on being a leading team of solar experts in the UK, through their level of expertise and customer commitment.

Their solar PV panels are suitable for a wealth of uses. These include:

Housing developments
Swimming Pools
All Houses
Small Businesses

Watt and Sun believe that the sun’s power should be harnessed, rather than wasted. Their aim is to reduce the harmful emissions emitted from households and to save their customers money in doing so, as solar energy is so cost effective. They advise customers about the benefits of solar energy, including the Feed-in Tariff incentive offered by the government and how to get the most out of it.

The founder of Watt and Sun, Peter Morse, believes that the success of the company lies in the way that they ensure customer satisfaction is met at all times.  He states that training and investing in research and development is at the centre of the company’s commitment.

The mission statement of Watt and Sun focuses on their belief in Tradesman knowledge and on their being a family run business.

The company is part of Service Total group, established in 1995, that worked in the Social Housing sector.

In 2010, Watt and Sun entered the solar energy market.

Their service involves three stages: consultation (focusing on advice and understanding), installation (over 3 days) and aftercare, in which customer satisfaction is a priority.


Watt&Sun, Unit 8 Westfield Industrial Estate Waunarlwydd, Swansea SA5 4SF


01792 879697


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