PV Solar Panels

Solar PV Example

PV solar panels – otherwise referred to as photovoltaic solar panels – are designed to enable us to use the free energy that is provided by the sun’s rays every single day. The good thing is that you don’t need to know how they work in order to benefit from them. Once they have been installed on your roof you will be able to get free energy from the sun on a daily basis. This is true even in cloudy weather, because the solar panels work every single day regardless of the weather.

If you want to save on your energy bills you can do it easily with PV solar panels. Many people find they can generate a significant portion of the energy they need each day. Furthermore some even manage to generate all their own energy, and sell some back to the national grid as well. This could soon be you if you are eager to have solar panels installed and you become more conscious of the energy you use in your home as well.

Sunlight cannot be used as it is, but these panels convert it into energy for us. The good news is that even if your installation does not produce all the energy you need, your energy provider will provide the rest for you just as they normally would. With minimal maintenance, easy installation and lots of expert companies around to install them for you, there is no reason to delay. Fill out our form now and we’ll get you the quotes you need to get started.

How They Work

You’ve probably wondered how PV solar panels actually work. We all know the sun provides energy and heat. But this needs to be transformed into electricity so that it can be used inside the home. In actual fact it isn’t the energy as such that is transformed – it is the light. This is why the solar panels can still generate energy even when the sun is behind the clouds. It still provides us with light and the panels are designed to make the most of it.

Each panel is created from material that is able to use the light to create electricity. It is this electricity that we can use in our homes to perform all the usual tasks we can use it for. Each photovoltaic panel provides you with the opportunity to capture the light from the sun and turn it into electricity. Thus the more panels you can have on your roof, the more electricity you will be able to generate. The best performance will be obtained on a sunny day when plenty of light is able to hit each panel. But as we have seen you can still generate your own energy from the panels when it is cloudy.

If you want to look into how much it would cost to get your own PV solar panels installed, fill in our simple form and we’ll send you the quotes you need. It’s quick and easy and the best way to get the details you will need to get started.