Solar Panels In the UK

Solar Panels UK

Global warming is something that we all need to be aware of these days. Recycling is done now by most people but it is important to reduce our carbon footprints in other ways as well. Solar power is a fantastic way to be environmentally friendly. Even in the UK which is a cloudy country, solar panels can be very effective in helping the environment. Many people believe that solar power in the UK is pointless because of the poor climate.

The weather in the UK actually is fine for the latest solar panels because the suns rays can still get through clouds. The only time when solar panels do not work is when the clouds are extremely thick with snow fall. Any other time of the year is fine though. The lowering prices of solar panels has encouraged the government to give special concessions for those that choose to harness this type of renewable energy for homes.

Solar panels cost has been reduced

Many panels are now manufactured in China which as we all know has lower production costs. Therefore the solar panels cost is far less than it used to be. The quality of these panels has now vastly improved as well with experts extending the lifespan from 20 years to 30 years or more. This means that a one-off installation fee will generate free electricity practically forever.

The initial cost certainly puts many people off, however some companies have introduced a scheme which allows people to get free solar panels in the UK. Homes with a south facing roof are most likely to be eligible for free solar panels. However other roofs may be suitable to. This scheme works by a solar panel installer offering a house a free installation and free maintenance for 25 years. This means there is absolutely no cost to the home are and they can use as much free electricity as they generate.

The companies get their money back from unused electricity. All solar panels generate power that is not needed. This is funneled into the national grid and they actually pay for it. By getting free solar panels your unused electricity will be sold back to the national grid and that is where the company running the scheme gets their profits from. Anybody that purchases their own panels will of course also be paid for any unused electricity.

This means getting a solar panels installation can be free, or at least much less cost than before. It is also a fantastic way to help the environment. The earth is running out of natural fuels like oil, coal and gas. So it is preferable to use a renewable energy source such as solar power. Being ‘green’ by making use of this kind of power will save lots of money and help the world avoid global warming for our future generations.

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