Why Not Consider Going Green This Valentines? Eco Gift Ideas

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It may seem as if Christmas was only yesterday, but Valentine’s Day is already almost upon us once again. This means millions of people will be looking to buy a card or arrange for some roses to be delivered to the one they love.

But while many of us will be thinking along these lines, it is perfectly possible to think green instead of red on Valentine’s Day this year. We’re talking about being eco-friendly, and as you’ll see, going green could be the best way to celebrate this day of romance in an appropriate way. You can romance your loved one and still be good to the environment.

The Valentine Effect

What’s the first thing you think of when it comes to Valentine’s Day? It’s probably something along the lines of a shop bought card or a traditional bouquet of flowers. But many of the Valentine’s gifts bought this year, just as in any other year, won’t be environmentally friendly.

Certainly, cards can be recycled if they aren’t kept. But other gifts, such as chocolates and jewellery, involve lots of wasteful packaging. Indeed anything with plastic packaging in it will just add to the amount of waste going into landfills. Furthermore, the miles these items have to travel in order to make it into our shops don’t make for very green solutions either.

Green Alternatives

wooden valentine postcardsFortunately there are plenty of things you can do to make sure you go green this Valentine’s Day. For example instead of sending a regular card, why not look for something completely different? You can actually buy wooden cards to carve a message into. Alternatively if you are good with crafts you could create a wooden postcard yourself.

Indeed, getting crafty is a great way to cut down on waste and get really eco-friendly this year. You could write a poem especially for your loved one and writing it on some top quality paper. Roll it up and tie some red ribbon around it to create a keepsake they’ll want to keep forever.

Alternatively if you have green fingers, why not plant some forget me nots or even a rose bush somewhere in your garden and reveal it on the big day? This is ideal if you live together.

Once you start thinking along the right lines you can see how eco-friendly you can be just by focusing on eco-responsible purchases, or doing something DIY instead. Who wouldn’t love lots of little love notes tucked in mini envelopes and left around the house to find during the day? Get creative and pop one in their lunchbox and in the car, so they’ll find them throughout the day and know you’re thinking of them as your Valentine?

So before you go out and buy the usual card this year, put a little extra thought into it and go green instead. Roses may be red, but you can be eco-green and thinking of the environment as well as the one you love.

We would love to hear eco-friendly valentine ideas?

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